Being in the radio business for as long as I have, I've had a chance to meet and interview a few celebrities over the years. Which ones would you like to meet? 


Radio people get to meet the occasional celebrity. People at rock stations get to meet rock stars. People on country stations get to meet country stars. People at pop stations get to meet pop stars. Sometimes it's in person, sometimes it's on the phone. Working at KIT all this time, our emphasis has been on news and sports, so I've met lots of athletes, coaches, broadcasters, elected officials and political figures.

Being such a big sports fan, I still look at the time I got to meet legendary football coaches Don James of the UW Huskies and Chuck Knox of the Seattle Seahawks in the same week back in the  80's as a career highlight.  Or the time my wife and I met Roy Rogers and Dale Evans at their museum when it was located in Victorville, California.

I think that the celebrity that I always really wanted to meet was President Ronald Reagan. That would have been something for me!

The celebrity I would most like to meet now? Tough one. Let me think and I'll get back to you. In the meantime, leave us a comment on the celebrity you would like to meet most!



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