The warm weather we've had in the Yakima Valley this week has many of us thinking spring already, but go into any large parking lot and you'll see a reminder that winter will be with us for a while.


I call them "parking lot glaciers". The big piles of snow that get piled up in commercial parking lots every winter. After the first big snow of the winter, parking lots are cleared off and the snow is piled up in a remote corner of the lot. There, they freeze, get snowed on more, thaw, freeze again and and stand as silent dirty white sentinels to the passage of another winter.

I've seen local car dealers plop a 4x4 on top of one of these "glaciers" and then have a contest for customers to guess the date when the wheels will touch the ground. I play a similar game in my head, picking out a particular snow pile, and writing the date on my calendar that I think it will be melted.

So, keep in mind that even though we are having a February false spring right now, winter will linger for a few more weeks. The "glaciers" in the parking lot are still there to remind us.

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