No, it's not another Monday holiday where we get a day off from work, but this could be a great day for our community!

One of the perceptions that I have formed about our community through my newstalk radio career is that Yakima has an inordinate amount of negative thinkers.  People who are ready to criticise anything or anybody, but really bring nothing to the table in the way of improving the situation. I personally can be pretty cynical, but I try to think postively .

Here's a chance to brainstorm about how to improve the Yakima community. Leave us an idea on what would bring some positive change to Yakima. How do we attract more jobs? How do we engage our youth? How can the community at large deter crime. What would provide more entertainment and activities for our citizens? How can we attract more visitors?

Having said that I can be pretty cynical at times, that's not what I'm looking for. I'm looking for some real, workable ideas for improving Yakima.

I really like what the founders are doing. Getting people to realize that even though we have problems , this is still a great place!

Let's swap some ideas on how to improve Yakima!