I've done a few of embarrassing things in my life, but this one had to be the ultimate.

There are portions of my life that seem to be ruled by Murphy's Law. You know, if something can happen, it will.  I can pull an item sealed in a pristine box off a shelf at a store, and that will be the one that is defective. Ask my wife, it's true.

What had to be the  most embarrassing moment in my life happened back in September of 2001. At the time, our family consisted of my wife Sandy, our daughter Autumn and me. We were vacationing at Disneyland a few days before 9/11( that's another story)  at the nearly new California Adventure Park.


I had to use the restroom. You know that old cliche about walking out of the loo with toilet paper stuck to your shoe? Mine was worse. I walked out of the lavatory with one of these hanging out of the back of my jeans.


Yep, one of those.

My wife still laughs about it.

The only saving grace was nobody else seemed to see it, and we were in a place where absolutely no one knew us.

O.K. I shared my most embarrassing moment. Top that. If you can.



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