I asked for this for Father's Day last year, and didn't get it. So, here we go again.

Looking at things as we arrive at Father's Day on Sunday, I have to admit I have it pretty good. I always get asked what I would like as a gift, and usually say "nothing much, I don't need anything." So I figure if I'm asked, this is what "ll say.

Imagine this in the same rapid fire delivery that Ralphie Parker used in "A Christmas Story", when his mother asked him what he wanted for Christmas.

"I want a 1970 Dodge Coronet 440 convertible in Hemi orange with the R/T package. Ooooh!"

Hey it's just an old car, right? It' only goes for $50K plus when totally restored.

How am going to know if I don't ask?

I can hear my wife laughing now.


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