You know what would put a smile on someone's face? A thoughtful gift from the heart that is filled with fermented grape juice, a.k.a. vino, wine, vin ordinaire, etc. A bottle of locally sourced wine will make for some great Christmas and Holiday gifts for that someone special in your life, even if that person is only YOU!

I went looking for a list of all the wineries and breweries in Washington owned by celebrities, just to give your wine list some added pizzazz. I didn't find any celebrity wineries that are still in existence but I did locate three wineries! I couldn't find any celebrity wineries or breweries owned by women or people of color, though, FYI. It is cool (and important) to see representation in industries as important as this. When I become a celebrity, I will open up my own winery right here.

Side Note: We need to do something to attract more celebrities to open their wineries in Washington state because I am sick and tired of seeing them flock to the Napa Valley. (HA!) Our land is just as fertile and "ripe" as regions in France, so they need to get with it and come to The Valley!

In addition to supporting our local spots for burgundies, reserves, ports, cabernets, syrahs, merlots, pinot (noir and blanc), viogniers, and the like, why not add one of these "celebrity" wines to the gift list!

Stephen Amell:

Nocking Point Wines: Walla Walla. There's even a monthly and quarterly wine club for the obsessed!

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If the name Stephen Amell is not too familiar, that's okay. Us comic and superhero TV geeks know him. He was Green Arrow on Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, Batwoman, and DC's Legends of Tomorrow. Fun Fact about Amell: He played an extra on Degrassi Junior High: The Next Generation. He's also starred in hit TV shows including Private Practice and some Canadian TV hits.

Drew Bledsoe

Double Back Wine: Walla, Walla. If you click on, it will take you straight to Nocking Point's website. Hilarious!

AFC Championship - Jacksonville Jaguars v New England Patriots
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Psst. Hey! Truth be told, I don't know who Drew Bledsoe is. I know that name sounds familiar...Oh, wait, isn't he a football dude? Let me check the Googles to see which team he plays for. (I am trying to see if I can guess of the top of my head before I look online. Think, Reesha, think. Drew Bledsoe, he plays for the...New England Patriots?? The Philadelphia Eagles??)

*checks Google here*



Kyle MacLachlan:

Pursued By Bear Wine: Columbia Valley. A tasting room is coming soon, boasts the website. Do you think Kyle will be there, too? If so, come for the wines, stay for the selfie! That photo is going on the 'Gram!

The IMDb Studio At Acura Festival Village On Location At The 2020 Sundance Film Festival โ€“ Day 4
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Everybody knows Kyle starred in Twin Peaks, which kind of put filming movies and TV shows in rural Washington State on the map, wouldn't you agree? Others think of him fondly as Trey MacDougal on Sex And The City. I truly despised his character on that show, which means he is a great actor, but I love him the most for his role as the Mayor or Portland on Portlandia! Every time this celebrity comes to Yakima, my invitation always seems to get lost in the mail, so Kyle, hit me up next time! I would love to sample your wines!

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