The national media and the political far left and many of the nations millenials seem intrigued once again with the idea of Socialism as a replacement for American Capitalism

The conservative  Heritage Foundation puts it this way.  " 2.052 million people under the age of 30 voted for democratic socialist Bernie Sanders in the 2016 Democratic primaries and caucuses.....polls find that, not only do a large majority of millennials have a favorable opinion of socialism, a near majority would prefer to live under socialism rather than capitalism." 


A CNN analysis estimates "millennials rallied in the many thousands behind Sanders because they are socially liberal — especially on LGBT rights — saddled with mountains of student debt, disillusioned with the status quo, “and eager to break with traditional [political] models.”


The folks at the Heritage Foundation raise a good point.  Would those who sing for socialism change their tune if they understood the cost?  " would these same millennials exchange free education and free health care, IF  they hadto give up their personal property, such as their iPhone? Would seven percent of millennials declare their willingness to live under communism if they knew the real costs of communism as practiced in some 40 nations over the past century — the denial of free speech, a free press, and free assembly, the imprisonment and execution of dissidents, no free and open elections, no independent judiciary or rule of law, the dictatorship of the Communist Party in all matters and on all occasions?"

Before the voice of youth in your family is heard on a platform of socialism, make sure they fully understand what they are talking about.  This is a good place to start.  The article by the  Heritage Foundation as the entree with this short video form conservative author, speaker columnist Bill Whittle as the appetizer to a conversation about socialism.


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