Take a Peek Inside the Menu at the new Bangkok OMG Kitchen!

Bangkok OMG Kitchen in Yakima
Tsm/Reesha Cosby

Maaaan, when I tell you that the food I ate at the brand new Thai food restaurant, Bangkok OMG Kitchen, was soooo good, whew!! Yes!

My friend Heather had invited me lunch and asked me to choose the place for us to eat. I suggested Thai food. Heather mentioned that a Facebook friend of hers had posted pictures of her meal at The soft opening of B. O. K. I looked them up on FB (Facebook) and curiosity took over me.

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"Let's try them out!" I texted back to Heather.

I walked into the restaurant and it was so cute cozy and warm inside. I asked for table next to the window so that I could bask in some sunshine. We looked at the menus and I was very torn between ordering the Lab Salad or the Num Tok. I decided to get the Lab Salad because it has lettuce wraps and I am on a special diet so wanted to make sure I didn't break it in a moment of weakness for delicious spicy Thai food! Heather ordered the Thai Stir Fry, I think. She loved it! I got full pretty quickly so I asked for my meal to-go.

If you must knowledgeable anything else about me, just know thatI love heat and spice in my food. I asked for a Level 6 heat with my Lab Salad and Heather asked for a Level 0. You can ask for a Level 10 which is the spiciest level or a Level 0, which has no spicy heat whatsoever!

Our meals were so scrumptious and the service and the staff are so friendly at Bangkok OMG Kitchen!

The owners of Bangkok OMG Kitchen are also the owners of the Thai place downtown on Staff Sgt. Pendleton Way next to the bail bond place and the old North Town Coffee location. I really hope you get a chance to go there very soon you will not be disappointed.

If you want some great Thai food in Yakima there are a few wonderful and flavorful places in Yakima:

  • Tea Garden, 110 S 4th St
  • Yakima Thai Cuisine, 14 Staff Sgt Pendelton Way
  • Thai House Yakima, 14 N 2nd St
  • Why Not My Pho Kitchen, 4001 Summitview Ave #12

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