Definitely one of my favorite brewing companies, our very own Bale Breaker Brewing Company, wasn't merely named one of the top 101 beers in the United States -- it placed in the top 10!

Their 'Topcutter IPA' placed sixth place of all beers available in the United States. This is a huge honor. Naturally I'm biased and think they should've came in first, but sixth out of everyone is well deserved.

Here's what MensJournal said about it.

This IPA hails from the heart of hop-growing country in Yakima, Washington. Just opened in 2013, Bale Breaker has a generations-old connection to the Yakima Valley, with the great-grandparents of the owners planting hops more than 80 years ago. The bold citrus and floral beer is unfiltered, and pours with a hefeweizen-like haze from the huge hop content.

It only makes sense as this beer is brewed and bottled on a farm where they harvest the hops used in this beer. The Yakima Valley is just as much beer country as it is wine country. Seventy-five percent of the hops used in the United States come from our area. Yes, that means if you have a beer anywhere in the U.S., there's a three out of four chance that the hops in that beer came from the Yakima Valley.

Congrats, Bale Breaker -- and cheers!

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