Local police and Troopers from the Washington State Patrol are looking for impaired drivers Wednesday, St. Patrick's Day 2021. Washington State Patrol officials say no one should rely on "luck" in getting home safely after drinking on this holiday. In fact they say St. Patrick's Day is one of the deadliest holidays on roads in Washington State. Authorities say they're very concerned about more drunk drivers on the road with more bars and restaurants beginning to re-open and more people wanting to get out of the house to enjoy a good time. But that good time can lead to jail time and years of financial headaches if you drink and drive. Statistics from the St. Patrick's Day holiday weekend in 2020 which was March 13-18 show 5 people were killed and 21 were seriously injured on roads throughout Washington State. Troopers say one death and three of the injuries were the result of an impaired driver.
Yakima Police and Deputies with the Yakima County Sheriff's office are patrolling looking for impaired drivers. The Washington State Patrol has extra troopers on the roads also looking for those who drink and drive. Authorities urge you to save your life or the life of a friend by not drinking and driving. They say there's plenty of options if you choose to drink.
Arrange an Uber ride or arrange to have a sober friend drive you home.
Offer your couch for the night.
Take public transportation and leave your car at home. Whatever you do authorities say don't rely on your luck in getting home safely if you are drinking on St. Patrick's Day.

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