The Yakima Valley is one of the premiere asparagus growing regions in the world! Today we have the answer to everyone's  most frequently asked question about asparagus! Whether you like it fresh or pickled, steamed, roasted or deep fried, the Yakima Valley grows the best asparagus in the world. However,  eating it comes with a side effect that everyone would like an explanation for: Why does eating asparagus make your pee smell?

According to Web MD, depending on which study you read, between 22% and 50% of the population report having pungent pee after eating asparagus. But that doesn't mean only some people's bodies generate that smell. Researchers believe that, during digestion, the vegetable's sulfurous amino acids break down into smelly chemical components in all people. And because those components are "volatile," meaning airborne, the odor wafts upward as the urine leaves the body and can be detected as soon as 15 minutes after you eat this spring delicacy.

But only about one-quarter of the population appears to have the special gene that allows them to smell those compounds. So the issue isn't whether or not your pee is smelly; it's whether you're able to smell it. If you smell a funny fragrance in your urine after you eat asparagus, you're not only normal, you have a good nose.

So if you experience the "asparagus odor experience" be proud! You have a gift that not everyone on the planet has! A superior genetic disposition!

We'll get to the green color thing another time!


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