It's only an exercise. But in the future it could save lives. Officials at Pacific Northwest University say don't panic and call 911 on Saturday. The school is holding an Armed Intruder Full-Scale Exercise On the campus of Pacific Northwest University.


To make sure there's no miscommunications university officials want you to know it's happening April 13 from 7:45 am to 12:00 pm.
A press release says there's nothing you need to do. They say just don't become alarmed if you see officers with guns, a large number of emergency vehicles at or near the PNWU in the time frame of the exercise.

Townsquare Media / John Taylor
Townsquare Media / John Taylor


A press release says It will look just like a major incident since it's a full scale exercise "where actors will play the roles of students, teachers, first-responders, etc. The activity will take place in multiple areas around the PNWU campus and be as real as possible."
If you're driving by you'll see Law Enforcement, Fire, and other first responders being part of the incident.

Exercise Objectives

• Provide hands on training and awareness for PNWU Staff and students.

• Test the local response system for an active shooter at PNWU or any similar setting.

• Provide hands on experience for roles and responsibilities including the Incident Command System

• Improve Preparedness within the Community in the Yakima Valley

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