And so this is Christmas....and a Happy New Year. Peace on Earth, Goodwill Toward Men (and women) Yah, fat chance...fat like Santa kinda fat.  This is America 2021.  Cats & dogs do better at getting along than we do. It sucks, doesn't it?  But is this the "natural order?  Is this what we REALLY want?  A new poll says "NO"...but...

Surprising Poll Numbers?

The "No" is encouraging but the troubling.  USA Today reported that most Americans are tired of the political acrimony in the country. (even some of us compelled to participate are tired of it)  72 percent of your fellow Americans agree that lowering the temperature, backing off the hostilities, finding positive common ground would all be good for the country.  A quote from the poll people -  the greater good would come if Americans," reject political hostility and divisiveness and focus more on their common ground."  So isn't that progress already?  Yes, it is!  72 % of us say the same thing!  However, we also say something else the same.  We aren't optimistic about it happening.

Not Much Confidence In A Brighter Tomorrow

C'mon somebody must see the silver know, where the lion lies down with the lamb?  With the cattlemen and the sheepmen becoming friends?  (OK, that's two sheep references...what's up with that?)  Is there no hope out there in polling land?  Well, yes. A whopping nine percent believe the political rancor between Americans will decrease in the next 10 years. Have you heard ANYONE say they know how to get it done?  Nope and that's why 42 percent think it will actually get worse.
What does that look like?  I mean we've already used up Blue &.Grey...Yankee & Reb...what's left?  Ah, Left....Left and Right? Right?

Constructive Conversation As Baby Steps To Progress?

However, according to the poll from Public Agenda and USA TODAY, there is some good news. About three-quarters of those surveyed said they value different political perspectives and 45 percent said they have often or sometimes had a constructive conversation about politics with someone holding opposite views in the last 12 months.
Hmmm, would that that be true. Or maybe I'm just deeper in my bubble because of my job,  but believe me, I would be more than happy to report about "Peace on Earth."        I believe I know the key to Peace on Earth.  His Birthday is coming up in about two weeks.  But we can't talk about that, can we?

Among the survey's key findings:

  • Nearly three-quarters of Americans (72%) think it would be "good for the country" if Americans reject political hostility and focus more on areas of mutual agreement. Those identifying themselves as Democrats (75%) or Republicans (80%) were even more inclined to agree with that sentiment.
  • Only 9% of Americans think that political rancor between ordinary Americans will decrease in the next 10 years. A 42% plurality thinks it will increase, led both by Republicans and Independents (each at 46%).
  • Four in 10 Americans (including 52% of Republicans) believe it would be good if "a strong, charismatic leader gains power and is willing to do whatever it takes to maintain control and run the country in the way he or she thinks is best." And more than half (53%) believe that will happen within the next decade.
  • Three in 10 Americans have "very unfavorable" feelings toward either Republican or Democratic voters. This includes 18% who view GOP voters that way and 13% who feel the same about Democratic voters.
  • Despite the increasing political acrimony, most Americans reject the notion of splitting the country into red and blue states with 51% saying it would be "very bad" and 19% saying it would be "somewhat bad."
  • About three-quarters of Americans say they value different political perspectives and nearly half (45%) say that, in the last 12 months, they have often or sometimes had a constructive conversation about politics with someone holding opposite views.

There have been times in our country's history when we were at war when the population was moved to pray for peace.  I think this is one of those times.

Merry Christmas to ALL.

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