When you’re hot you’re hot, right? In this case both literally and figuratively. That’s because of the climate and the popularity of Hawaii.  According to Gallup-Healthways' annual survey of well-being, Hawaii once again tops the list of happiest states in the country.  No other state even comes close to that record of joy!

Fox News reports that runners-up in the poll include Alaska, South Dakota, Maine and Colorado.  The states with the lowest well-being scores were Kentucky and West Virginia, which have held the bottom two spots for eight years in a row.

What’s wrong with Kentucky?  Bourbon, race horses, big hats, WHAT?

The rankings are based on interviews with more than 177,000 U.S. adults in all 50 states calculating a well-being score for each state based on sense of purpose, social relationships, financial lives, community involvement and physical health. (FOX)

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