**The Biden administration is pondering how to “de-risk investments,” faced by farmers adopting climate mitigation practices.

That’s according to USDA climate adviser Robert Bonnie who’s advocated for a so-called carbon bank to draw on USDA funding to finance “climate-smart land management practices” paying a guaranteed price per ton of carbon reductions.

www.agriculture.com reports, the concept has figured prominently in discussions about how the government could encourage farmers and ranchers to slow global warming by sequestering carbon and other greenhouse gases in the soil.


**The Farm Income Forecast and Export data released Friday reflects a growing need to ramp up our focus on expanding existing markets to create new opportunities for farmers, ranchers and producers at home and abroad.

That’s according to the USDA’s Matt Herrick who says new market opportunities will ensure our producers are not so reliant on government support or the whims of a handful of trading partners.

Herrick says the data demonstrates growing export strength and a rebound in cash receipts for farmers.

**California retains its national lead in the number of organic farms and ranches, according to the USDA.

In an annual report from its Organic Integrity Database, the USDA says the number of certified organic farms and ranches in the state exceeds 5,000.

California has more than two-and-a-half times the number of organic operations as the No. 2 state, Wisconsin.

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