**The USDA’s Economic Research Service estimates the Paycheck Protection Program provided $5.8 billion to the farm sector in 2020.

Administered by the Small Business Administration, the PPP was an assistance program for small businesses adversely affected by the pandemic.

Total Federal Government payments to the farm sector in 2020 were $45.6 billion, meaning that PPP payments were 13% of total payments.

Farmers Continue Planting Following Cold Wet April
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**A new study from South Dakota State University investigates farmers’ viewpoints on the most influential factor behind adopting new technologies and practices: profitability.

In the study, researchers highlighted eight widely adopted precision ag technologies, including auto-steering and guidance, automatic section control, satellite/aerial imagery, unmanned aerial vehicle/drone imagery, variable rate fertilizer application, variable rate seed and application, variable rate pesticide application and variable rate irrigation application.

The most widely adopted precision ag technologies include auto-steering and guidance, which fit under the georeferencing technology category.

Trump Highlights U.S. Dairy Farmers Hurt By Canadian Tariffs
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**The first International Dairy Federation World Dairy Summit held in the U.S. in over 30 years recently concluded in Chicago.

Over 1,200 dairy leaders from 55 countries celebrated the IDF’s 120th anniversary and highlighted dairy innovations, market opportunities, and contributions to global sustainability and food security.

IDF Co-Chair Nick Gardner says U. S. Dairy is honored to have hosted this momentous event.

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