**Producers in Iowa and Illinois reaped 20% of the trade war payments from the Trump administration, as cash disbursements leaped to nearly $10.2 billion nationwide for this year’s crops and livestock.

According to agriculture.com, Iowa collected $1.15 billion and Illinois $1.06 billion, according to the USDA.

Trade war payments totaled $6.9-billion on November 18th, when the second tranche of up to $3.625 billion in trade war aid was released.

The top five states collected $4.4 billion in payments. Minnesota, Texas, and Kansas round out the top five.

**How much time do you devote each day to eating?

According to the USDA, Americans spend an average of 64 minutes a day on eating or drinking as a primary activity.

That's down slightly from a decade earlier, but the time Americans spend on preparing food has gone up.

So has time devoted to cleanup, grocery shopping and buying non-grocery food, such as from a fast-food restaurant.

**A study out of Toronto’s Ryerson University found children experienced better memory recall, improved blood sugar levels and increased levels of satisfaction after eating white potatoes compared to other carbohydrates at breakfast.

Potatocountry.com reports, compared to other vegetables, potatoes are richer in essential nutrients that support multiple health outcomes, such as proteins, starch, fiber, vitamins and minerals.

Resistant starch, a predominant carb in potatoes, may positively impact gut health.

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