The Real Brain Exhibit @Bristol Science Centre
Matt Cardy/Getty Images

If I were Santa, I would make a list and check it twice,  providing I could actually find the darn thing!   Memory gets a bit slippery like those rooftops when your beard starts turning white like Santa!

Remembering things can be challenging, but science says there's an easy way to boost your brain and get important facts to stick -- draw a picture.

University of Waterloo researchers discovered that drawing works your brain in ways that writing alone does not, forcing it to process visual information, translate the word into an image and carry out a physical act all at once.

Guess what? All that processing and transferring activates more regions of the brain which make remembering easier!

Time Magazine reports that older adults are likely to have the most to gain from using this method and here's the best part -  you don't have to be good at drawing to benefit.
Might I suggest a Christmas gift for your more forgetful friends - a copy of the game Pictionary and an Art pad.

They'll thank you for it, if they can remember how to contact you! Merry Christmas!


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