The late great Nat King Cole painted a musical picture of summer for us as those "lazy, hazy, crazy days" filled with "soda and pretzels and beer."  Seems we've taken his advice ever since!

The Fourth of July weekend is just ahead and millions of Americans will reprise Mr. Cole's refrain about the beer part of "sodas and pretzels and beer!"

So tipping back a few beers on a long holiday weekend or hard work week can be harmless, but it can come with consequences -- for others!

A new study reported in EurekAlert reveals 21 percent of women and 23 percent of men -- an estimated 53 million adults -- experienced harm because of someone else's drinking in the past 12 months.

Women were more likely to report financial and family problems, while men were more likely to report ruined property, vandalism and physical aggression. People under age 25 were more likely to experience harm from someone else's drinking; and even people who drank, but not heavily, were at two to three times the risk of harassment, threats, and driving-related harm compared to those who do not drink at all.

Might keep all that in mind during those lazy, hazy, crazy days ahead.


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