Officials at State Fair Park are celebrating a successful 2017 in the Yakima Valley Sundome. Greg Lybeck is the Assistant General manager of State Fair Park who says 2017 year end report for The Sundome shows increases across the board just like the year before...from event days to total attendance to economic impact Sundome events made in Yakima. "We're excited about what the events brought to us and our community."
Lybeck says the biggest events were, like every year the state music educators association conference,  concerts and The Central Washington State Fair. in 2016 there were 126 events in the dome. Last year saw an increase to 137 events. All total the events in 2017 made a $19.6 million impact on the local economy. The figure was $19.4 million in 2016. And Lybeck says they've already been busy this year as well. This past weekend thousands of people visited The Sundome for the annual Central Washington Sportsmen Show.

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