Eastern Oregon and southeastern Washington (which includes the Yakima Valley) are expected to get hazardous weather and at least SIX INCHES of snow this weekend!


Time to stay at home under the covers keeping warm and eating up all your food!

Hopefully, you have enough cash left in your bank account (until your next payday) to run to the grocery store today and stock up on food to keep you comfortable during the impending SNOWPOCALYPSE!

It will help if you think of your food "game plan" now so that you are not left in the lurch when it's too cold or icy to drive to the store after the blizzard hits!

First, you will want to get your favorite fruit and veggies and bottled water, to keep yourself healthy and hydrated during the snow storm. Here's my personal list of 17 other food items I think every home should have to keep you full and satiated until this messy weather clears!

  • Bread: For toast and sandwiches
  • Milk: For cereal, baking, making Alfredo sauce, roux drinking, hot cocoa, tea
  • Pasta: Spaghetti noodles, ravioli, lasagna, ziti, macaroni (and cheese)
  • Chili: Cans or make your own in the crockpot (white chicken chili, regular chilli)
  • Potatoes: Get a bag of potatoes and you can make roasted, fried or baked potatoes. (Better grab some sour cream and butter just in case you need it!)
  • Salad: Make your own from scratch or get one of those pre-made salad mixes.
  • (Make sure you have your favorite salad dressing, too!)
  • Flour: You can make all sorts of filling foods with flour, such as pancakes, cakes, cookies, homemade pasta, roux, and so on
  • Meat: Stock up on chicken, ground meats, pork and deli meats (for sandwiches & crackers)
  • Seafood: If you love fish, oysters, shrimp, crab, lobster or calamari, it's time to stock up!
  • Chips
  • Popcorn
  • Nuts
  • Crackers
  • Sparkling Cider, Wine, Beer, Ginger Ale, Juice(s) and/or other assorted beverages
  • Snack Cakes
  • Cheese (snacking cheese, shredded cheese and cheese slices)
  • Coffee (Don't run out of this!)

If you are in need, there are food banks available that you can turn to, such as the Yakima Rotary Food Bank by the Henry Beauchamp Community Center at 703 Central Ave (at the corner of South 7th Street and Central Ave).

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