The clock is ticking down to implementation of the Environmental Protection Agencies Waters of the U.S. rule. 13 states have asked for an injunction to delay the rule, set to go into effect Friday. If granted, the injunction would halt the EPA from implementing the rule, which opponents argue is an increase in the agency’s jurisdictional reach. When granting a preliminary injunction, the courts must consider four things: the likelihood of irreparable harm to the petitioners if the injunction is not granted; the balance of harm to both parties with or without the injunction; the likelihood of the petitioners to succeed in a trial on the merits of their case and the public interest regarding the granting, or not, of the injunction. The states argue that under all considerations, a preliminary injunction is due.

Consumer Reports will publish an article in its October issue detailing how sustainable beef is safer than conventional ground beef. The article will be titled “How Safe is Your Beef” and the issue will be available September 3rd. Researchers sampled 300 packages of ground beef for the article from retailers for bacteria and antimicrobial resistance. Meat industry researchers say the data underscores the overall safety of ground beef in general and sounds an “alarmist” note.

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