TL;DR Version: Uncover the top 10 most recommended restaurants that locals suggest to visitors to Yakima. We have a variety of cuisines to choose from, including farm-to-table concepts and upscale eateries.

Yakima's Hidden Culinary Treasures Revealed

10 Most Recommended Restaurants by Yakima Locals
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Recommending a local restaurant to someone visiting the Yakima area is like sharing a prized secret. We love spilling the beans about our popular beloved eateries; for us, it’s like having bragging rights. According to the 2022 Annual Report from Yakima Valley Tourism, some 49,000 visitors came to Yakima to play, work, or stay. That means there were tens of thousands of chances to recommend some of our favorite local restaurants!

Some of these restaurants are near and dear to our Yakima hearts because they have outdoor seating on their patios with beautiful views of the hills or the downtown Yakima streets. One of such places even has a garden patio setting that makes you feel like you are dining in somebody’s English countryside manor.

If you are visiting the Yakima area and don’t have time to sit down inside the restaurant to enjoy your meal, all of these local recommendations have the takeout option. Most of them offer delivery, too, via UberEats or Doordash.

Yakima's Top 10 Recommended Restaurants: Diverse Cuisine and Local Favorites

Yakima, WA
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These 10 popular local Yakima restaurants (Yelp) are recommended for the variety of their cuisine. It seems Yakima locals love suggesting visitors try our Pan-Asian restaurants, sandwich and coffee shops, and our farm-to-table restaurant concepts. We also get a kick out of referring guests to eat at our local upscale restaurants with American-style foods.

For each restaurant in this list, we’ll tell you:

  • If you should plan on making restaurant reservations
  • Popular menu favorites
  • Standard meal price range on a scale of $ (up to $15), $$ ($15-$30) to $$$ ($30+).

These 10 Popular Restaurants Come Highly Recommended by Yakima Locals

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