Zillah High School Teacher Jeff Charbonneau , the 2013 National Teacher of the year was honored at a White House ceremony today.  The 35 year old was joined by the other state teachers of the year for the Rose Garden Ceremony.  President Barack Obama introduced Charbonneau and awarded him a chrystal apple.  Obama referred to Charbonneau’s daily statement to his classes that they are entering “another day in paradise.” “That’s what it is like for him. That’s what he wants it to be like for his students,” Obama said.   Charbonneau praised his fellow teachers "look at my fellow teachers of the year, and see what I see, see the sparkle of pride in thier eyes, not pride for winning awards, but pride in knowing that they represent more than 3.2 million hardworking and dedicated teachers."   The President praised Charbonneau for his efforts to improve teaching in the areas of science and technology. After the ceremony Charbonneau and the President hugged and then the President joined all of the teachers of the year for a photo before he slipped back into the White House. Charbonneau will finish the school year in Zillah, but he'll take next year off from teaching. He will travel the country and world and he'll be an ambassador for education. He'll return to his classroom in Zillah for the 2014-15 school year.   Charbonneau joins fellow Yakima Valley Educator Trevor Green of Toppenish, who won the National principal of the year. It's the first time ever that the national teacher and principal of the year hail from the same county and state.