Effective immediately the Yakima Valley Warriors is ceasing operations for the 2011 Season. In the League release today Michael Mink advised, "There was little room for error going into the season and certainly no room for error during the 2011 season. After reviewing our current members status and with the loss of Tucson, I feel to move forward at this point is not in the best interest of the League, including our fans. It is my intention to focus our energy on returning in 2012 with a stronger business plan, one we know will result in long term success. We will look to increase our footprint into 2 regions and become a 8 to 12 team league in the future. We will operate under new membership guidelines and announce member teams in the future."

The Warriors will stay active in the community and continue to work with youth's from all over the Yakima Valley region. The Warrior organization will need to improve the teams corporate sponsorship and ticket sales in order to be successful in Yakima Valley. "We have to better support from this community for this team to make in 2012. We did all that was asked of us last season and continued to improve on the field all season. We will go back to the drawing board and see what we can do better to make this team successful,said GM Adrian Johnson.

The AIFA West was formed after the AIFA East sold out to the SIFL in 2010. The AIFA is guided by long time indoor football veteran Michael Mink who has seen duty as a Co-owner of the AIFA,Team Owner, General Manager and Head Coach along with many team and league management positions.