I love a good burger, and Yakima has plenty of options for some great ones. But I'm seeing Yakimaniacs clamor for more chains to come to our city. Can someone explain that to me?

Before my bariatric surgery, I loved a big, flavorful hamburger, and I ate more than my share. Even my wife says that "she never met a burger that she didn't like."

We have a plethora of burger choices here in Yakima, from franchise fast food places, to small mom-and-pops, diners, and others. Yet when I see some of the comments about what people would like to see take over the old Tiger Mart locations around town, it's more burger places. One writer says "bring us a 5 guys!". Another begs for In-N-Out Burger!

I remember when the Carl's, Jr. opened up a while back on South First Street. The first weekend, cars were backed up into the street to get into the parking lot. No offense to that chain, but I thought "it's just another fast food burger, people!"  I rack my brain trying to figure out why people are pining for more burgers! Isn't any burger basically just another burger?

One theory is that people get so innundated with national advertising that they can't help it when a particular franchise opens here. They have to go there!

My other theory, especially in the case of In-N-Out Burger, is the mythic status that word of mouth creates, coupled with unattainability. The closest In-N-Outs are in Arizona and California. People try them on vacation or their relatives in other states tell about eating there and the legend grows. Kind of like Coor's beer in the 70s. You couldn't get it here, but you sure wanted it.

What's your take on this? Why are we asking for more burgers in Yaki-Vegas?

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