This is just adding insult to injury.  I have written before about my thoughts on indoor cats--or at least my wife Sara's long haired house cat Tanja.  I grew up on a farm and my experience leads me to believe cats are happier and better off outdoors ---I know I'm happier and better off when they're outdoors! (allergies)

Michael Nagle/Bloomberg via Getty Images

So as a kid, while our numerous cats were enjoying their outdoor existence, my brother, sister and I would love to play Monopoly.  But now the classic board game Monopoly has added a new game piece to replace of an older one.  After a worldwide vote, the iron token used for decades in the game is out and you guessed -- a cat token is in!

Back in early February players were asked to choose between a cat, a helicopter, a diamond ring, a robot and a guitar as the replacement token. The cat won with 31-percent of votes, but many will certainly be sad to see the iron token go as it has been a part of the game for 78-years. (Yahoo)