I recently read an article about outrageous celebrity purchases. It made me think about what I would blow a big pile of cash on if the pile were limitless.

Singer Ke$ha reportedly spends thousands of dollars a month on glitter. Lady Gaga spent a huge sum on an electromagnetic field meter to detect paranormal activity. Actress Kim Basinger once dropped $20 million on a town.

What do these people have in common? They all make and spend vast amounts of money.

It got me to thinking. What would I buy if I had a limitless supply of money? Think about it. No limits. You could buy anything. Think BIG. Throw out things like the mortgage, your kids' college fund, your daughter's cellphone bill. Think beyond a trip to Costco with no list to follow and no budget to worry about. Don't worry about charity. That's a given. Think EXCESS!

Two things for me. I would buy a few cars first. A new Camaro, a new Mustang, a new Challenger, and one of the new Jaguar convertibles.

I would also have a Gulfstream jet on standby at all times to take me and my family anywhere we might want to go at any time.

Only a couple of things. I'm a modest man, after all.

How about you?