Watching Seattle Seahawks football on Sundays has always involved some very special treats to eat for me. After having successful bariatric surgery, my game plan has changed.

Ah, Seahawks Sundays. Settling in in front of my HDTV and watching Russell Wilson make opposing defenses look foolish, the "Legion of Boom" unloading on wide receivers, and Marshawn Lynch going "Beastmode".  All of this accompanied by carefully selected game time foods.

Here's what I used to "12" with: image

Lots of cold Diet Pepsi. image

Tim's Cascade Jalapeno Potato Chips


wikimedia commons

Chips and Salsa


wikimedia commons

Hot Wings

Of course, all of these things are off of my list now, so I'll have to find another way to "12" without my favorite snacks. Any suggestions?

Just because I don't eat very much anymore doesn't mean you can't chow down while watching the Seahawks.

Here are some great game time snack ideas.