That which does not kill you makes you strong, right?  Perhaps, but stress CAN kill and there are some jobs that are clearly more stressful than others. Like the job you do when people are shooting at you!

Enlisted military soldiers have the dubious honor of holding the most stressful job of all. That's the word from the job search site, which evaluated on-the-job stress for dozens of jobs using 11 factors.

Jobs that routinely involve physical risk or even death made the top of the list however stress isn't limited to a particular job, industry, salary level or educational level.

For example, while performing a job in a dangerous setting, such as fighting fires or commanding troops in a war is definitely stressful, stress can also result from jobs with demanding deadlines or repetitive, detailed work.

CareerCast's top 10 most stressful jobs and the average pay:

  1. Enlisted military soldier: $35,580
  2. Firefighter: $45,250
  3. Airline pilot: $103,210
  4. Military general: $196,300
  5. Police officer: $53,540
  6. Event coordinator: $45,260
  7. Public relations executive: $91,810
  8. Senior corporate executive: $165,830
  9. Photojournalist: $40,000 Taxi driver: $22,440

CareerCast's top 10 least stressful jobs and the average pay:

  1. Medical records technician: $32,350
  2. Jeweler: $35,170
  3. Hair stylist: $22,760
  4. Dressmaker-tailor: $26,560
  5. Medical laboratory technician: $36,280
  6. Audiologist: $66,660
  7. Precision assembler: $31,250
  8. Dietitian: $53,250
  9. Furniture upholsterer: $29,960
  10. Electrical technician: $56,040