It seems that all over social media, be it Twiitter, Facebook, Instagram or whatever, you're seeing this: #throwbackthursday. Are you joining in on the fun?

Athletes do it, so do other celebrities, Just plain folks do it as well. I'm talking about the current trend to post old photos of events, family members, even ourselves on our social media under the heading of Throwback Thursday.

Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman is one of the athletes who puts a Throwback Thursday post up every week on his offial Facebook page.


This is photo of Sherman signing his national letter of intent to attend Stanford University.

Sometimes the photos are cheesy, sometimes they're poignant, but they almost always bring back a good memory for the person that puts them out there for all to see online.

Brian Teegarden Facebook

Here's my first ever Throwback Thursday post. I was just shy of 19-years-old and a freshman in college. Great 70s look, huh?

Take a look at your friends on social media. are they joining in on the fun today?

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