Halloween season brings a lot of new scary films to the screen every year.I'm not a real fan of horror films, but I do have an opinion on what I think is the scariest movie I've ever seen.

Horror movies have seen quite and evolution since the the first black-and-white silent films came to be over a century ago. It seems that these days, the more gore and blood splatter, the bigger the box office. I've never been a fan of that genre. Suspense is the thing gets me.

So, 1979's "Alien" is my pick for the scariest movie I've ever see.

Picture this:

A blue-collar space freighter far from earth pick up a signal from a distant planet and investigates. One of the crew is attacked by an alien life form that literally "bursts forth" onto the screen in spectacular fashion. The creature grows and evolves at a fantastic rate, killing the crew one by one until only one survives. What's going to happen?

Much like the shark in "Jaws" you don't see the creature until nearly the end of the movie. But you know it's there. You know that if a crewman goes down a dark corridor, the alien will get him, but when? To me, that's the scariest part. The anticipation. The sense of impending doom. You want to yell "don't go down there!" But they do anyway, and they're a goner.

What would you say is the scariest movie you've ever seen is.

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