I recently read a story about a couple and their dog that fell asleep in one of the craziest places I'd ever heard of. No one was hurt, but I'll bet there are crazier places that people have fallen asleep.


On Tuesday in Spokane a couple and their dog were sleeping in a dumpster, when they were awakened in an abrupt fashion. A garbage truck picked up the dumpster to empty it and the occupants inside were hurled into the truck. No one was injured, but the couple and their dog were examined by medical personnel just to be safe.

That got me to thinking about unusual places that people may have fallen asleep. My older brother told me that when he was in the service that he fell asleep standing up, hanging onto a strap on a Japanese commuter train.

The most unusual place that I've ever fallen asleep is while reading the news on the air. I had an undiagnosed case of severe sleep apnea, and for awhile had trouble staying awake.

Pretty embarrassing for a so-called professional announcer.

Where's the most unusual place you've ever fallen asleep? What were the circumstances?  Be sure and leave us a Facebook comment!