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Supreme Court to Hear Evenwel Voting Rights Case
The U.S. Supreme Court has agreed to hear Evenwel v. Abbot, the one person-one vote case out of Texas related to state Senate redistricting maps that conflict with the 14th amendment. The courts next term begins in October and ends June 2016. Oral arguments will take place sometime between now and t…
Washington Unable to Use Database For Voting Eligibilty
Washington election officials have determined that the state will be
unable to use a federal Homeland Security database of legal immigrants to check
voting eligibility.
In July, Secretary of State Sam Reed requested access to data on over 100 million
immigrants as a further way of reviewing the accuracy…
ACLU Files Suit Against City of Yakima
YAKIMA, Wash. (AP) — Mateo Arteaga has closely watched the demographics change in Yakima since he moved here in 1988. A longtime educator, Arteaga visits kindergarten classes where smiling Hispanic faces dominate the room.
Hispanics now make up more than a third of Yakima's population, as farm w…
ACLU Filing Voting Rights Lawsuit Against The City of Yakima
YAKIMA, Wash. (AP) — The ACLU of Washington says it plans a news conference Wednesday to announce the filing of a major voting rights lawsuit against the city of Yakima.
The group declined to provide details Tuesday.
The Yakima Herald-Republic previously reported that the ACLU began investigating…