Moonlighting Police Leave Body Cameras at Home
While a growing number of U.S cities are outfitting police with body cameras, most don't require them for officers who moonlight in their uniforms at security jobs.
Experts say that leaves a hole in policies designed to increase oversight and restore confidence in law enforcement...
New Google Map Defines Yakima’s Gang Areas
It's been a tough week or so concerning continued gang violence in Yakima, and it's got many of us uneasy and a bit scared. Now a new Google Map plots out the turf of some of Yakima's gangs.
I know violence can strike anywhere, but some areas of Yakima might be best avoided i…
Wounded Police Officer Returns Home From the Hospital
SEATTLE (AP) — A Washington state police officer who went blind after he was shot in the head while on duty returned home from the hospital on Valentine's Day.
KOMO reports that at a news conference before his departure Tuesday, Mount Vernon Officer Mike McClaughry spoke with a strong voic…

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