New Google Map Defines Yakima’s Gang Areas
It's been a tough week or so concerning continued gang violence in Yakima, and it's got many of us uneasy and a bit scared. Now a new Google Map plots out the turf of some of Yakima's gangs.
I know violence can strike anywhere, but some areas of Yakima might be best avoided i…
Wounded Police Officer Returns Home From the Hospital
SEATTLE (AP) — A Washington state police officer who went blind after he was shot in the head while on duty returned home from the hospital on Valentine's Day.
KOMO reports that at a news conference before his departure Tuesday, Mount Vernon Officer Mike McClaughry spoke with a strong voic…
Troopers Hoping You’ll Move To The Right
The next time you see a Washington State Patrol trooper, a tow truck driver or a Department of Transportation vehicle working on the side of the road, move to the right.
It's the law to move over to the next lane ... if you can. That from Sgt...

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