Ag News: Pizza Day in U.S.
When we celebrated National Cheese Pizza Day, the dairy farmers seen a large spike in Cheese sales. Cheese consumption increased by more than 40% since 1995!
Papa John’s Making Changes; Hops Production Increases
Papa John’s International announced the pizza chain will begin using chicken products that have been raised without human or animal antibiotics by next summer. The Louisville, Kentucky based company said it’s working with its suppliers to make sure the chicken it buys…
A $1900 Delivery Tip
ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) — More than two weeks after a church congregation in Ohio tipped a pizza delivery driver $1,000, a church in Anchorage has upped the stakes.
Anchorage television station KTVA reports that Ken Felber has been a pizza delivery driver for 14 years...
Pizza Hut Perfume Is an Actual Thing That Is Happening
Fact: everybody who isn't a monster loves the smell of pizza. But that doesn't mean that Pizza Hut should be making a pizza-scented perfume. Especially because their pizza is exempt from the "everybody loves the smell of pizza" clause. But they're doing it anywa…

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