graffiti clean up

City Council Approve Graffiti Removal Program
A new graffiti removal program, approved by the city council this week is expected to be in operation in Yakima  within the next two months. A volunteer staff will remove the graffiti from area homes and businesses, but before graffiti is removed Yakima police gang officers want to be able to v…
City of Yakima to Change Graffiti Ordinance
For years, the City of Yakima has had a graffiti ordinance that holds property owners responsible for the clean up and fines them if the graffiti is not removed. City Manager Tony O'Rourke says the city council changed the policy Tuesday and created a new system in which property owners ca…
Yakima Finding Ways to Fight Graffiti
In an attempt to get a handle on the ever growing problem of graffiti the City of Yakima will
soon create a hotline and call on volunteers to help wipe out the problem.  City
Manager Tony O'Rourke says the hotline will be created so people can report the
graffiti vandalism...