Focus On Food To Eat Less
FOCUS ON FOOD TO GET FULL: New research claims that clearing your mind while you eat and focusing on your food will help keep you from over-eating.
Barbecue Recipes for Memorial Day Weekend [VIDEOS]
Memorial Day marks the unofficial start of barbecue season and will find many Americans firing up the grill this holiday weekend.
Part of the beauty of grilling is its simplicity. But that shouldn't mean you can't improve your grill repertoire or technique.
We've compiled a list of reci…
May Is The Month To Munch! BURGERS!!
Whether you like yours with extra pickles or without onions, smothered in melted cheese or topped with bacon, you’ll be excited to know May is National Hamburger Month.
National Hamburger Month isn’t exactly a sanctioned event and greeted with the same fervor as, say, …
Asparagus-A Yakima Valley Rite of Spring
The 2011 asparagus harvest is running late in the valley this year due to a cold, wet spring. It won't be long until we'll be consuming lugs of the stuff fresh, canning it, freezing it and more. Last year, my wife and crew pickled about 75 quarts of the stuff.
The Yakima Food Cooperative: A Dream Becoming a Reality
Food cooperatives once evoked images of women in hippy clothing presiding over stalls of root veggies and homemade candles and jams and jellies made from strange barks and berries. Today, professonals from all walks of life dream of providing fresh, local, natural and organic foods to the community.

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