FBI to Help Investigate Sikh’s Shooting
KENT  (AP) — Authorities say the FBI will help investigate the shooting of a Sikh man in a Seattle suburb by a suspect who told the victim "go back to your own country."
The victim, identified by India's foreign minister as Deep Rai, a U...
Judge Ruled Seattle Can’t Release Info About FBI Cameras
SEATTLE (AP) — A federal judge has barred Seattle from releasing information about surveillance cameras the FBI has placed in the city.
Seattle had planned to release information about the cameras under a public records request, but the FBI said that would jeopardize its ability to conduct inve…
Judge Blocks Seattle From Disclosing FBI Surveillance Info
SEATTLE (AP) — A federal judge on Monday blocked the city of Seattle from releasing information that the FBI said could jeopardize ongoing investigations.
U.S. District Judge Richard Jones issued the temporary restraining order after the Justice Department sued the city, seeking to prevent officials …

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