Cyberattack Hits Schools, Hospital in Taiwan
NEW YORK (AP) — Taiwanese state media say the WannaCry cyberattack infected computers in 10 schools, the national power company, a hospital and at least one private business.
However, the Central News Agency says the ransomware program caused no damage to the schools' core database systems…
State Probes Computer Use by Yakima County Clerk’s Attorney
YAKIMA, Wash. (AP) — State investigators are looking into the access of Yakima County computers by County Clerk Janelle Riddle's private attorney.
The Yakima Herald-Republic reports  that according to the state Administrative Office of the Courts, Riddle allowed her attorney Joseph Thomas into the co…
1280 KIT Has A Fix For Monday’s Malware Virus
If you work on a computer this Monday, make sure you check for malware that may have infected your system and could bar you from the internet. "Malware," short for malicious software, infected tens of thousands of computers more than a year ago, and on Monday it's expecte…
Prestigious Waldorf Private School Keeps Computers Away from Kids
The 160 Waldorf private schools in the United States boast an impressive student body: the children of tech luminaries from firms like eBay, Google, Apple, Yahoo and Hewlett-Packard.
But what makes Waldorf a seemingly odd choice for such parents is that until kids are in the eighth grade, the school …
High Tech Talk Sound Best Genteel
Who knew — there’s a reason why most computer voices are female.
In fact, there are several reasons.
The main reason is probably biological. Research has shown that humans are simply programmed to favor female voices. Studies suggest that this preference starts in the womb, where…
Why So Much Spam? Big Bucks, Why Else!
A spammer can potentially make $7,000 to $9,500 a day. A Berkeley study commandeered part of a botnet that was responsible for a large chunk of the internet's spam and turned it into a research tool. The researchers instructed the infected computers to send out spam that directed people to fake…
The Best and the Worst of Employment
The best job in the U.S.A. is software engineer. The worst job is also one of the most dangerous: a roustabout on oil rigs and pipelines. That's the word from