According to testimony from FBI Director Christopher Wray to Congress, China has a lot of 'bad actors' who are poised to invade our cyberspace--if they haven't already.

  Multiple efforts to disrupt US systems have already been thwarted

Wray, who was testifying before the House Select Committee on the Chinese Comunist Party, Chinese hackers are targeting water systems, the electrical grid, and transportation systems along with other infrastructure.

According to the AP:

 "The Justice Department and FBI announced just before the hearing that they had disrupted a botnet of hundreds of U.S.-based small office and home routers owned by private citizens and companies and hijacked by the Chinese state hackers to cover their tracks and hide their origin as they sowed the malware."

The US has disrupted a group of hackers known as Volt Typhoon, who had attempted to hack into cloud and internet providers to plant malware. Using search-and-seizure warrants and other means, US officials have been able to thwart this attack. But, more are coming. According to the AP:

 "U.S. officials have long been concerned about such hackers hiding in U.S.-based infrastructure, and the end-of-life Cisco and NetGear routers exploited by Volt Typhoon were easy prey because they were no longer supported by their manufacturers with security updates. Because of the urgency, law enforcement officials said, U.S. cyber operators deleted the malware in those routers without notifying their owners directly — and added code to prevent re-infection."

The CCP has responded to US claims about cyber intrusions by saying America is falling back on 'cold-war' era paranoid, false accusations.

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