He inherited the failed policies and the pile up of the Jimmy Carter Presidency but he turned it around.  He restored a sense of hope and patriotism and he took one in the ribs for his  trouble.  Despite a mountain of mass media criticism he helped us to believe in ourselves once again...and now, according to a new poll, he's the man we would most like back to help handle our current problems. 

Republican icon Ronald Reagan came out on top in a new poll from 60 Minutes and Vanity Fair that asked Americans which past president they'd like to bring back now during the current tough economic times.

 Reagan got 36 percent of the vote, ahead of Democratic hero Franklin D. Roosevelt, who was in second place with 29 percent. Thomas Jefferson came in at 14 percent. The survey also asked Americans about the hypothetical of they themselves running for president, and found that more than 60 percent said fears about past actions being revealed would prevent them from doing so, with women more worried about what might come to light than men.