The Yakima Valley Pippins are within two months of their inaugural Opening Day. In order to be ready for the return of baseball to Yakima County Stadium, the club has finalized plans for season one improvements to the ballpark.

"We are excited to get a shovel in the ground and get started," said general manager Danny Tetzlaff. "These These first rounds of improvements will take a very good, functional ballpark and start the process of preparing it for the next twenty years of activity."

This season, the stadium will see a six-figure investment of privately-funded improvements, geared towards the following goals - improve the customer experience through improved service efficiency, improve the safety of areas that the fans gather, and do some stuff that looks really cool.

The projects for 2014:

1. Fully integrated wireless network on a fiber backbone - with channels open to the public for free Wi-Fi at the stadium. This will also make media coverage easier as anyone with Wi-Fi will be able to connect to fast up and down speeds.
2. Remodeled 1st base picnic and group deck, with more than 1500 sq ft of additional space for cooking and customer space.
3. Remodeled team store - store will be more open and welcoming.
4. New way-finding signage that highlights the community brand and makes it easier for first-time customers to navigate the stadium - including very large murals that will draw positive attention to the ballpark and the history of baseball in Yakima.
5. Paint - fresh paint - lots of it! Box office, concessions, outfield walls - an opportunity to refresh the look of the game environment.
6. Refreshed 3rd base bar with concrete, seats and tables mere feet from the 3rd base line.
7. Wireless waiter Point of Sale (POS) system that will allow our stadium select fans to order select food, soft drink and beer favorites, and pay for them without ever leaving their seat.
8. Updated landscaping to make it look a lot more like a park.

These are the first steps in a multi-year plan that will restore Yakima County Stadium to a place that the entire Valley will gather as friends and families to watch championship, community-based baseball - along with other community events. The Pippins are working with local service contractors to do much of contract work - DJ Turner Construction, Alliant Technologies, and Advanced Digital Imaging among others. The majority of the work is scheduled to be completed in time for WIAA baseball in late May, with all the work on schedule for the Pippins June 6 Opening Day.