After months of not being paid, a local construction company filed a lawsuit in Yakima County Superior Court over cleanup work at the former mill site along I-82. News partner KIMA Action News reports Tri-Valley Construction claims it was never paid the $140,000 for abatement work at the site by contractor P&P Construction of Oregon, and subsequently placed a lien on the property.

According to the court papers, Tri-Valley moved to foreclose its claims of lien after eight months, as outlined by law. P&P Construction tells KIMA it lost money on the salvage project and had to slow the project down to ensure all materials of value were collected for profit. Tri-Valley Construction still wants its money and is not just going after P&P Construction; it is also suing the Cascade Mill site owners.

Yakima says the lawsuit does not interfere with its 20-13 action plan for the mill site.