It seems like most generations feel they are smarter than the previous generation--but the numbers don't prove that now!  In fact, it is official: kids today are dumber.

Oli Scarff/Getty Images

The annual Scholastic Aptitude Test is supposed to predict how well high schoolers will do in college. But these days, the test only proves that too many American kids can not think their ways out of a multiple choice test, say critics.

The average critical reading score sank to 497, the lowest on record, according to the College Board, which runs the test. The average math score dropped to 514 while the average writing score dipped to 489. "Kids these days are more jaw droppingly stupid than ever before," rails pundit Hamilton Nolan.

College Board president Gaston Caperton says: "The SAT is the national leader in assessing college readiness. Completing college gives students the competitive advantage they need to compete in a global economy." That is what worries us.