It's about time to send the kids back to the books so they can make the big bucks later on -- there really is a connection.A survey (didn’t we learn about those in statistics?) reveals mastering algebra, reading your English assignments and completing that chemistry lab really are important.

Miami's Health Economics Research Group analyzed data from more than 10,000 Americans to discover earning high grades in high school appears to have a long-term impact on your salary. The “group” discovered that a one-point increase in a high school GPA amounted to 12 percent higher annual earnings for men and 14 percent more for women.

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12-14 percent pay raise ought to do the trick!

  • That same one-point increase in the high school GPA increased the likelihood of completing college from 21 percent to 42 percent for both women and men.
  • Black students with poor high school GPAs were less likely to graduate from high school and attend college, but those with higher high school GPAs were actually more likely than other races to graduate from college and continue to graduate school.

The experts have always said that academic performance in high school is important for college admission, but this is the first study to clearly demonstrate the link between high school GPA and labor market earnings many years later.

So your kids are headed back to school … make them do their homework now and they can thank and PAY you later!