Ok coffee slurpers, drink to this!  If you desperately need that morning cup of Joe to jump start your day, its ok. A recent study from Harvard University found caffeine really does act as a mood and energy booster and can actually beat the blues. The details are published in the Journal of American Medical Association and show support for a possible protective effect of caffeine, mainly from coffee consumption, on risk of depression.

What depresses me is the fact that this passed for a study at HARVARD!  Who funded it? Howard Schultz???  C’mon HARVARD, what else have you got?

It seems like nobody can say for sure where the phrase “Cup of Joe” comes from…maybe you could study that…HARVARD!  Whew…I’m losing it…maybe I need a cup of  ….Java?  Jamoke?  Which way to Starbucks?

Stuart Wilson/Getty Images