I love the movies. I consider myself to be a movie buff and sort of historian. This is a list of my five favorite movie villians of all time.

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    Bob Gunton as Warden Samuel Norton in "The Shawshank Redemption"

    Warden Norton is my number five villian. On the surface, a stern, pious career corrections official. Underneath, a cold, vicious, greed driven man that will even result to murder to maintain his penal kingdom. Honorable Mention: Clancy Brown as Captain Hadley, Mark Rolston as Boggs Diamond.

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    Ralph Feinnes as Lord Valdemort in the Harry Potter series.

    What can I say? The dude is the ultimate in supernatural evil. Plus he looks like a snake, and wants to kill off that cute Potter kid after he killed Harry's parents. Honorable mention: Jason Isaacs as Lucius Malfoy and Helena Bonham Carter as Belatrix Lestrange.

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    Ralph Feinnes as Amon Goth in "Schindler's List".

    The main antagonist in the film; Goth is an SS officer assigned to build and run the Płaszów concentration camp. He is a portrait of evil. A Nazi officer that kills prisoners without mercy or compunction, but out to line his own pockets as well. Fiennes looked so much like Amon Göth in costume that when Mila Pfefferberg, a survivor of the events portrayed in the film, met him she trembled with fear. Feinnes' has two places in my top five.

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    Al Lettieri as Virgil Sollozo in "The Godfather"

    Sollozo is all business. He wants to get into the narcotics trade with the five New York Mafia Families in 1946. After Don Corleone turns him down, he has him shot. After the attempt fails, he tries to call a truce to negotiate a deal, all the while plotting to kill the Don. Al Lettieri played some great movie hit men in the '70s. Rudy in "The Getaway" and Frank Renda in "Mr Majestyck". He died at age 47 in 1975, only three years after The Godfather was released.

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    Lotso Huggin' Bear from "Toy Story 3"

    Warm, cuddly, loving and smelling of strawberries. Lotso (the voice of Ned Beatty) is the benign, grandfatherly head toy at Sunnyside Daycare. In reality, he runs the place with an iron paw. He tries more than once to whack Buzz, Woody and the gang. OOOH, scarey. Honorable mention: The wind up monkey survellance thing.

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