What's going on?

Yakima Greenway Fire Thursday Afternoon
The second fire on the Yakima Greenway in the last week was reported Thursday afternoon on the Yakima Greenway along I-82 in the same general area where a fire kept firefighters busy on Saturday.
Medal Of Honor Ceremony Set For Wednesday
Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) William Wharton Post 379 of Yakima, and Command Sergeant Major (CSM) Ramon Dang, US Army, of the Yakima Training Center- will cohost the Medal of Honor Memorial Dedication Ceremony
Glad Someone Is Up There On That Wall
Think about how often you tell white lies to protect someone from the pain of the truth? New research from the University of Chicago indicates that perhaps you should stop doing that.
Yakima City Crews Work On South First Street
Yakima city crews are busy with a fire hydrant replacement project resulting in traffic restrictions on South 1st Street between Arlington Street and Nob Hill Boulevard
Accents Accentuate Differences And Reduce Trust

But when the listener heard voices using a somewhat different accent, the areas of the brain involved in auditory processing were involved a lot more, and listeners seemed to focus on the tone of voice to determine trust.
Heritage University Names New Provost
Heritage University President Dr. Andrew Sund formally named interim provost Dr. Kazuhiro Sonoda as the permanent provost and VP of Academic Affairs at Heritage University.
You're Smart Enough, You're Good Enough....
Time magazine reports that if you're convinced you don't usually make a good first impression, a new study finds people often underestimate how much another person likes them after first meeting them.