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The numbers speak for themselves, driving high is dangerous
Researchers looked at 25 years of data on fatal vehicle crashes in the U.S. They compared the number of drivers involved in fatal crashes from 4:20 p.m. to midnight on April 20th, compared to the same time frame one week earlier and one week later.
Pick your practice, it's the adrenaline that counts!
The scientists also surveyed 2,000 British adults, and found 54 percent consider going on a first date a thrilling experience, and about 17 percent say they enjoy the rush of an initial encounter with someone.
Heart Health-What we don't know can hurt us!
Dr. James Kneller will provide education for the general public on Atrial Fibrillation (A-Fib) and how ablation procedures can benefit patients suffering from the very common condition know as A-Fib.
Would food instead of food stamps reduce fraud?
Not everyone is on board with change of course. Consumer advocates expressed concern that families wouldn't know in advance, or have any choice about, what food they would get and they are concerned about how families would get the boxes
Rep. Tom Dent Tuesday Guest On KIT
He's been a cattle and bison rancher in the Moses Lake area for more than 30 years. 13th District State Rep. Tom Dent is also a pilot and a busy lawmaker.